Video advertising

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Video Advertising

Get the Most out of Your Online Business

Video advertising is one of the most popular forms of displaying content, advertising and showing just about anything on the internet. The recent increase in video advertising has made the demand for video ads to be on the rise and anyone can benefit from the growing video market.
Otlix Video advertising offers a variety of formats that allow videos to be used as advertisements, displays on your website, and part of your rich media campaign ads.
Otlix Platform is the greatest Video Streaming solution available today that uses one of the industry’s most widely available media players to steam videos online. Get FREE Trial


  Benefits and features:

  • Supports FLV and MP4 H.264 formats
  • Embed JavaScript & HTML code
  • Automatically play a video when new users first come to your page
  • Redirect your visitors any page that you want after watching the video
  • Analysis and Tracking software (Web-Base) allows advertisers to see how often each one of their videos was displayed, clicked on and how often each individual video leads to a sale
  • Grow your existing business by providing a value-add to each and every client and customer
  • Reach a broader audience via the web to generate new and exciting business opportunities
  • Potential customers like to see how their product works before buying it and there is no easier way to show them than through video
  • Video streaming that starts the instant viewers click Play or even as soon as they come to your website if you choose to set it up that way
  • High-performance network that ensures your video isn't lost or stuck somewhere on the Internet