Analytics & Tracking

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Analytics and Tracking

Imagine a state in which you will know where your investment bears the most fruit.
Which one of the Ads takes your business in the best direction it should,
and gives you the ability to know which way this is?!

We believe that since it is your resources such as content and bandwidth that are on the line,
you should have all the monitoring, tracking and analyzing tools your business needs.

This is the time for you to know which geese are laying the golden eggs.

We would like to take this opportunity and fill you in on the diverse sorts of our statistical software (Web-Base) service that is being led by our innovative Otrider Banner Ad Serving provides customers with daily statistical reports Get FREE Trial

Technical abilities:

  • Friendly interfaces- No installation need
  • Statistics/Reports in Real time- Clicks, Impr., CTR, Post-Click/Pixel Traking, Conv. rate, Unique results
  • Elaborated data with regards to any specific given file
  • Data mining and displaying in desired time ratios. From a 30-minute-window to a yearly report
  • Data of your best periods,Top Days and Top Hours
  • A full disclosure on the best Websites and/or "geographical" location for your content
  • Dynamic Graph which will present the data in different ways
  • Campaign sorting by varied criteria
  • Easy comparison between Ad Campaigns

Most online merchants and advertising agencies utilize pixels and cookies to accurately track affiliates and their conversions. This is known as pixel tracking. A 1x1 image, which is the standard size of one pixel, is loaded onto the conformation page to let a user know when a conversion has been made. There are five main steps that take place during this process. The steps are listed below in the order that they are completed in.

1. A consumer is redirecting to a merchantís landing page through a tracking URL. The tracking URL then writes a cookie that contains information regarding the specific campaign, affiliate, date and other miscellaneous, beneficial information.

2. The merchant places a tracking pixel onto the conformation page.

3. When the consumer arrives at the conformation page, the tracking pixel executes a conversion and reads the cookie that was previously placed on the userís computer.

4. The information that the pixel receives from the cookie is used to create a transaction in the tracking platform. This transaction then reports the information that was left by its creators.

5. Pixels do not record tracking information for each function they perform. This allows you to place as many pixels as you would like to on many different platforms on one single page without having to worry about each pixel tracking the same sale. Get FREE Trial

The excel reporting interface used by Otriderís Banner Ad Serving lets you see the complete, full picture in one convenient location.

A centralized excel reporting dashboard provides all users with instant, up to date information about their online campaigns. The dashboard contains information about your campaignís current status as well as all progress that your campaign has made since being started.

You have the ability to create an excel schedule that will automatically generate excel reports for you using all data and analysis collected from one of your advertising campaigns. Get FREE Trial