Ads Rotation

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Ads Rotation

Ad rotation is the process of displaying several advertisements in the same single location on a web page. The ads will rotate each new time the web page loads.

Otlix has two different kinds of Ad Rotation Services:

Manual Rotation: When using manual rotation, the user chooses the rotation of their ads on their own. They have the ability to control how often each individual ad is displayed.

Top Rotation: When using this service, Otlix's statistical system will create your rotation for you based on what they deem the most powerful advertisements are. The system has the ability to scale ads in terms of impressions, clicks, actions and click-through rates (as defined by the user). The system automatically updates the data that determines how powerful an ad is and it will automatically make changes to your rotation to accommodate for any changes in performance by one of your ads. Get FREE Trial

Features and Abilities:

  • Rotation Tag ID lets you create as many ad rotations as you want and place them in a folder designated to a specific campaign.
  • Export Code supports both JavaScript and Iframe Code technology. This means that once you send a rotation code to a publisher, you do not have to send them the code again even if you make changes to your ad rotation. In additional our system support a flash caller file for use with older systems.
  • Analysis and tracking software (Web-Base) allows advertisers to see how often each one of their ads in their ad rotation was displayed, clicked on and how often each individual ad leads to a sale.
  • Increase exposure to advertising by showing multiple ads per page load instead of just one.