Ad Management

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Ad Management

OtRider Banner Ad Serving is an internet application that is designed to provide Ad Management platform with a best-in pricing,inventory and Geo targeting generating tools. With seamless workflow and a role-based interface, OtRider Banner Ad Serving allows you and your team to focus on camapaign management of ads. Whether you run one site, multiple sites, or a network of affiliate sites.

The Pricing and Inventory tools that Otrider uses are predestined to maximize revenue for the advertiser using the application. These tools monitor the inventory at all times and ensure that fast, direct ad management is always possible. Get FREE Trial

Here is a glance at our technical abilities:

  • Defines the type of Pricing model, whether CPM, CPC, CPA or Flat fee
  • Defines the number of impressions/clicks per campaign
  • Defines Campaign Budget
  • Defines commission and get Revenue reports
  • Notifies the user when certain milestones are reached of clicks, impressions and actions
  • Notifies the user when a campaign achieves both an eCPM and an eCPA
  • Tracks all campaign information for a userís desired amount of time

Geo targeting is a method used by online advertisers to target certain markets based on their geographical location. It is the most successful way for an advertiser to reach their target market in any location they choose to market to in the world. Geo Targeting uses the IP address of the visitor to determine their actual location and then serves a relevant advertisement by locality. This allows the advertiser to present ads to people in the locations they aspire to advertise to based on their location. This method eliminates all funds that most advertisers normally waste when they display ads to people who are not in their target market. Get FREE Trial

Otlix Geo Targeting options allow you to target by:
  • Countries
  • Browser, Browser Language
  • Top Level Domains
  • Operating System
  • Service Provider
  • Time
  • OtRider Banner Ad Serving use at least one form of geo targeting in every ad campaign to ensure no money is wasted by advertisers from promoting their ads to people who are either not interested in what they have to offer or what they have to offer is not applicable to the person being advertised to based on that personís location.