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Storage infrastructure

Our Storage infrastructure is a high-performance Storage platform, high level capacity, high availability Storage for all of their content, accessible via FTP and Web Interface, and is designed to be redundant and scalable. Additionally, Otlix Banner Ad Serving can deploy custom Storage solutions at all of our POPs throughout the globe.

Otlix™ will work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective Storage strategy. There are a number of factors that go into the decision making of how to best store content. An intersection of price and availability will determine the right decision for you.

For content that is most highly demanded, the best, fastest and most efficient way of delivery is Edge Storage.
We have architected our CDN to allow for nearly instant propagation of your files to each of our POPs worldwide. The file is automatically stored and ready to be delivered, viewed and downloaded. If demand lessens, the file can be moved to origin Storage, where it remains available.

You can maintain the readiness of your files, while saving on your monthly bill. You can also set parameters around each file to ensure that it lives on the edge when in high demand, and moves back to the origin during slower times.