Global load Balancing Architecture

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Global load Balancing Architecture

Otlix Global Load Balancing Architecture is mainly used for routing algorithms to route users directly to the POP that will serve them the fastest.
POP is taking many factors into transforming algorithms, including:  the number of network hoops to the end-user, the exact geographic location of the user in the world, Internet congestion along the route to the end user and how many different networks that a user would travel through to access the content.

Otlix Banner Ad Serving GLBA use multi-level DNS to attempt to triangulate the position of a user to determine its exact best location, so no matter where that user's DNS server is located, the user is located and delivers accordingly.

Our GLBA helps you and us as well to tap into both public and private inter-network peering opportunities available to us at these exchange points. Our clients are able to take full advantage of GLBA with complete global coverage and local POPs.
Presence at key exchange points around the world ensures that their services are optimized to be the most cost-effective.