Essential Delivery Services

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Essential Delivery Services

We are facing to the age of web 2.0 hosting services with the growth of rich media, and the requirement for high level capacity transferring content is becoming hard to maintain, nevertheless, optimum service quality is a critical competitive factor.
Otlix Banner Ad Serving delivers extremely fast stable traffic balancing technology, smoothes file synchronization including Essential Delivery Services, as well as its extensive service know-how to help businesses effectively and efficiently manage and deliver content.
It is more than just a simple content delivery.

One of the most critical issues is that content downloads disables a large number of users from downloading a variety of digital content at the same time.
Otlix Banner Ad serving enables this option and ensures delivering ultra fast downloads of large files even during traffic peaks and surges, in a stable and fast way.


Every professional weight lifter should be able to endure heavy lifting. When it comes to rich media and high volume data trafficking, we, here at Otlix Banner Ad Serving, have been through all the lifting workouts for you. Now all that is left for us to do is to impress you.

  • Orientated  to the delivery of large files - over 12 GB.
  • Authentication and Digital Rights Management (DRM) for content security.
  • Download service using several protocols (HTTP/FTP, etc.).
  • Optimize the quality of Service- sessions are automatically added to guarantee a complete flow and smooth to your rate of speed.

Entering an SSL secure site ensures stability and ease by using SSL authentication certificates.
The SSL caching provides a level of service processes with encryption operation of SSL authentication between the user and the server with a separate caching service.
Primary security synergy with the SSL caching server and secondary security certified content performance improvement.

With SSL caching maintenance cost reduction, the need for high-priced equipment and specialized professional staff will be reduced.  Manage SSL scalability flexible expansion options to cope with the traffic increases.