CDN - Content Delivery Network Services

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CDN Overview

As we all know, nowadays fast-growing companies and organizations are launching to the web in order to reach their customers to provide them fast digital media content.

Major companies are streaming live or on-demand video, and making large files available to view, browse and download to your local and global audience.
We are the address for supporting your digital media strategic needs.


Content Delivery Network Services

A new powerful service, Essential Delivery, which delivers fast, accurate and stable content makes dreams come reality. Face it to believe it.

Our CDN was designed and built to meet and transform all of your delivery needs, especially for the largest media and entertainment companies.
CDN helps users to resolve distributive storage problems, assists loading balance, re-direction of network request and its content management all at once.

It is designed to deliver the content on website to the "edge"… closest to the users’ environment to enable them to acquire their required content at hand, solve internet network congestion, as well as improving response to website visits by adding a new layer of global load balancing architecture on the internet.
Technically, it completely solves the fundamental problems caused by slow response to users’ request while accessing due to insufficient bandwidth, massive accesses and uneven distributed network nodes.