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Banner Ad Serving Partners

Otlix Banner Ad Serving

Otlix Banner Ad Serving has been dedicated to optimize the use of media since 2006, and provides Ad serving solutions includes: Ads Delivery, Ads RotationVideo Advertising, critical functions that simplify manage Ad Campaigns, Analytics and Statistics, enable Cross Channel while ensuring data secure, stable and compliance.

Ad delivery solutions

Products and Services for Open-source Ad Serving. Providing banner, text, rich media and video ad serving and ad trafficking.


Ad Butler is a hosted ad management system that can help you manage your online advertising. It is easy to use. Very easy, and doesn't require any technical expertise on your part.


ADTECH�s integrated ad serving solutions enable web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and report on their online advertising campaigns � including display, video and mobile formats

Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer provides innovative technological adserving solutions to interactive advertising users. With 250 customers on 4 continents.

AdServer Solutions

Ad Serving Solutions offers Saas Software as a service pricing plans, dedicated servers, complex server hosting, ad server video player, CMS, Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services with Dedicated Bandwidth.


Mediaplex provides cross-channel advertising technology solutions and services that enable marketers to achieve one-to-one messaging, greater efficiencies and a competitive edge through insightful analytics.


The Spiral AdServer simplifies the process of selling ads on your site. You can set the prices you want, and control the types of ads you wish to sell.


High performance ad serving software designed to completely manage your media buying business and increase ROI.


ZEDO, Inc. is a digital ad solutions company that offers products and services for a publisher's premium, self service, and remnant inventory.


A highly scalable yield optimized auction-based advertisement management platform engineered to deliver ads on defined targets, keywords, content, and custom filters all from your own web server.


Our Ad Server solution simplifies the ad serving process so you can focus on doing what to do best - running your business


adConductor is the leading partner to build and manage successful ad networks. As an end-to-end technology solution that also offers outsourced professional services


Adhere Ad Server is a very powerful tool that specializes in serving ads for mobile advertising. Adhere is the first open-source ad server in the market. The Adhere Ad Server started from the popular OpenX server for online ads.


HIRO-Media has created an online video ad serving platform born from the knowledge of TV advertising and the power of online media.


AdSpeed Ad Server combines the latest ad serving technologies with advanced web analytics to maximize your advertising revenue.


OpenX Market is an ad exchange where ad networks, agencies, demand side platforms, and brands purchase inventory from quality website publishers.


DoubleClick is the ad management and ad serving technology foundation for the world's buyers, creators and sellers of digital media.


Our solutions for advertisers and agencies make digital marketing faster, easier and more accountable so you can spend more time thinking about strategy and less about execution


ValueAd�s AdXpress technology is efficiently designed to provide services to advertisers, publishers and agencies of all sizes.